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Icons of the Past 1

Icons of the Past 1

The Icons of the past collection represents covers for fictional items, a kind of jewel boxes while the content itself s absent. The project follows two storylines, namely: 1.public – widely known and 2. private – authors own story. In the 1st case, it speaks of things from the 20th.century, which are already non-existent, things widely known throughout the world, that presented great technological advances in their field and time. Unfortunately, beside their technical sophistication and progressiveness, most of them are also linked to a catastrophe that ended their promising prospects for the future. Titanic, Concorde, Columbia and WTC are symbols about which many have written and spoken well before the events meant or heralded their tragic end. Although their size and magnificence was hit hard by the circumstances, they still remain an inspiration for the next generation of scientists, engineers and architects worldwide.

In the 2nd case, objects are a testimony of the author’s early personal interests, when he used models, toys or books as a child. He tried to visualize ideas about how one day He will become a pilot, astronaut or later, a designer of airborne vehicles and vessels. Over time, his ambitions have fallen and He let go of these great prospects. This moment of unfulfilled dream is expressed precisely in forms without content, which remained just as an idea shown in negative, nothing, just a tangible silhouette of the dissolved dream.



“Jewellery boxes”: color stained birch wood


“Jewellery boxes”:  ↨ 40 ↔ 290 ↔ 170mm

Photy by:  Majo Lukáč