Mejd Studio | Orbit



Mejd studio´s new collection is inspired by the planetary systems, rockets and probes, existing or fictional while the sort of function was added to each of them. Orbit is about our own personal interest of the astronomy and science transformed into the design objects.

Nowadays, people are more interested about the universe then ever before. Space missions such as Cassini, New Horizons, Juno or the upcoming Webbs telescope mean the exciting spectacles far away from our mankind occupied planet. Those older of us know it since 60´s during the great space race between USA and USSR. People were amazed by the Voyager probes which passed beyond our solar system and still continue on their journey to the unknown world. Today younger of us have chance to influence what the missions will be about or what images will be delivered to the Earth. As for the universe observation and research, we live the best period of all time. Therefore we decided to make a tribute to universe from its natural as well as synthetic (human) point of view. We created collection of sphere and other geometrical objects made of stone, brass and wood. These objects (cadleholders) reprent planet, space rocket engine nozzles, satelites and planet over the hills horizon (mirror), kind of background scene for the whole collection. The images are made in the color as well as black & white which remind those from Apollo missions. They supposed to take viewer to the scenes of the unknown far from our own World.