Mejd Studio | Well



Well is slightly inspired by traditional water wells. It takes the principle of the simple wooden handle mechanism winding of the rope and thus changing its distance or the bulbs depth inside the glass container like the bucket sinking into water. In the case of lower positions the light becomes gradient blue while in the second variant it goes from clear transparent to sanded matte.

Well was created during Mejd´s project called LOADING ( local added in global ), which Works with local ( slovak & czech ) crafts transformed into contemporary design.

Containers were blown into the wooden mould, drilled in upper part (handle). The handle parts are made of maple oiled wood combined with brass elements. Bulb socket is turned of brass which makes it heavier and easier going up and down in straight line. Textile cable with its look refers to ropes used for winding in real water wells.


The producer of the WELL lights is czech company LASVIT.
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1. BLUE: clear hand blown glass ( gradient fired color), oiled  maple wood, brass

2.WHITE: clear hand blown glass ( gradientsand blasted), oiled  maple wood, brass

Dimensions: ↨ 600 ↔ 340 ↔ 240mm

Photo by: Adam Šakový